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John Deere 85G – 500 Hour Service Interval Tasks Part 1

Heavy-duty mechanic leans on a John Deere 85G mini excavator.

If you’re doing this service yourself, visit FortisHD to purchase a service kit with every filter you need, or visit Tekamo HD to hire an expert service technician.

In this post, you’ll learn to replace the Hydraulic Filters on a John Deere 85G Excavator.

It’ll be the first in a series of posts showing the tasks associated with the 500-hour service interval.

Do you prefer to see a video tutorial instead?

Need to save time? The following table shows every filter you need for the complete 500-hour service interval:

Item OEM Part Number
Aftermarket equivalent
Hydraulic Return Oil Filter 4450002 PT9443N/AN/AN/A
Hydraulic Breather Filter 4437838 PA5316N/AN/AN/A
Engine Oil Filter MIU800650 B161-SP50205151568N/A
Fuel Filter MIU805005 BF9910P553995N/AN/A
Water Separator Filter MIU802421 N/AN/AN/AN/A
Water Fuel Separator Housing + Plastic Bowl MIA885254 N/AN/AN/AN/A
Pilot System Oil Filter 4630525 N/AN/AN/AN/A
Primary Engine Air Filter FYD00001541 N/AN/AN/AN/A
Secondary Engine Air Filter FYD00001327 N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cab Fresh Air Filter 4S00640R N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cab Recirculating Air Filter FYA00011003 N/AN/AN/AN/A

Vent the Hydraulic Oil Tank

A heavy-duty mechanic pushes the pressure relief button of a John Deere 85G Excavator.

The hydraulic oil tank breather has a button to relieve the pressure build-up inside the system. Push it until you no longer hear the hissing sound.

By ignoring this step, there’s a risk of oil spills and potential injuries due to pressurized oil spraying out.

Remove the Top Cover

A heavy-duty mechanic lifts the hydraulic oil tank top cover of a John Deere 85G Excavator.

Remove the seven screws holding the oil tank cover using an impact wrench. Two screws are on the sidewall (refer to the John Deere 85G operator manual to know what socket size to use).

Replace the Hydraulic Return Filter

Arrows pointing at the location of the hydraulic return filter and the hydraulic tank breather filter of a John Deere 85G Excavator.

Loosen the screws of the hydraulic oil canister top — the one with the letter “H” stamped on it — but don’t remove them yet cause there’s a spring attached to the cover.

Hold down the top with one hand and with the other finish to remove the screws. Make sure the spring doesn’t fall off.

Pull the filter halfway and let the oil drip for a few seconds before taking it out completely. Put the worn filter inside a bucket or pan to avoid oil spills on the floor.

Before installing the new filter, clean the sealing surface with a cloth.

The return filter canister has another seal at the bottom of it. When putting in the new filter, you must push it down until it locks into the bottom seal.

Hydraulic oil return filter for a John Deere 85G Excavator

Put the cap seal and the spring back into the canister’s cap. Put oil on the seal to hold it when you flip the cap over.

The cap has a standoff piece you need to line up with a hole on the top handle of the return filter.

Arrows pointing at a standoff piece in the return oil canister cap and a hole in the return filter. An overlay text says: “Line up this piece with this hole.”

Using the impact driver, put back the screws evenly. To do so, follow a criss-cross pattern as seen in the following picture:

Criss-cross tightening sequence for circular bolt patterns.

Replace the Hydraulic Tank Breather Filter (optional)

We also recommend changing the tank breather filter when changing the hydraulic oil return filter.

Remove the rubber cover on the cap breather using a pick or another pointy tool.

Use a wrench to remove the jam nut, unthread the breather cap, and replace the breather filter.

Hydraulic breather filter for a John Deere 85G Excavator

Put back the cap, the lock nut, and the rubber cover.

Check the Hydraulic Oil Level

Sticker showing the recommended excavator position to check the hydraulic oil level.

After changing the hydraulic filter, we recommend checking the oil level.

Inside the hydraulic hoses compartment, you’ll find a sticker showing the recommended machine position for an accurate oil level reading.

No reference sticker? No worries. Park the machine on a level surface with the arm cylinder fully retracted and the bucket cylinder fully extended. Lower the bucket and blade (if equipped) to the ground and stop the engine.

There’s also a sight glass for the oil tank level at the back of the compartment—the level should be between the top and bottom marks.

Top Off the Hydraulic Oil Level (optional)

Socket screws of a hydraulic oil tank.

If you need to top off the oil level, we recommend Tekamo AW 46 premium hydraulic fluid.

Tekamo AW 46 premium hydraulic fluid.

Use a number 5 Allen key to remove four socket screws to pop off the cap and fill the oil tank as needed.

Next Post

Next up, we’ll change the engine oil and the filter on this John Deere 85G excavator.

If you’re doing this service yourself, visit FortisHD to purchase a service kit with every filter you need, or visit Tekamo HD to hire an expert service technician.