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When it comes to heavy-duty equipment performing forestry, construction, mining, or road work, you need off the road tires that can handle any size job—and handle all types of terrain.

Find and purchase quality off the road tires for sale from trusted aftermarket suppliers for your heavy-duty machine, and select the right size of OTR tires for your specific piece of equipment—effortlessly.

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Why buy aftermarket brands for OTR tires?

Many consumers wonder:

Why buy aftermarket OTR tires vs. OEM OTR tires?

Well, there are a few reasons why aftermarket OTR tires might be exactly what you need for the job:

Functional design

Heavy-duty work requires superior design for improved effectivity. Off the road tires are specifically designed for heavy equipment such as skid steers, mini excavation, and other commercial heavy equipment to withstand the immense pressures caused by the main operating systems and attachments of the heavy-duty machine.
OTR tires handle any type of ground condition with ease including paved, muddy, sandy, and rocky terrains, construction sites, etc. And are designed to withstand unpredictable environments with minimum damage to ensure the work is completed.

Aftermarket OTR tires are superior

So, why buy aftermarket OTR tires vs. OEM tires? Fortis HD vendors offer superior aftermarket off the road tires which exceed manufacturer brand standards—at a low price. Plus, aftermarket OTR tires are compatible with heavy machinery and can fit different makes and models of heavy equipment. This means you get a larger product range to select from when you purchase the right tires to handle the job.

More availability, less downtime

Brands will discontinue equipment to roll out newer models and stay competitive. Consequently, OEM tire stock will be limited, especially if your machine is older. When you purchase at Fortis HD, forget waiting for your OEM off the road tires to be shipped due to limited stock.

Here, you can count on a wide selection of aftermarket OTR tires, thus increasing your chances of finding the right tire and having it shipped out immediately.

This makes our off the road tires for sale a smart and cost-effective choice when you need replacement tires for your heavy equipment fleet. With Fortis HD, you get your heavy-duty machine back on its feet in no time.

OTR tires are built to last

Our OTR tires for sale can typically last between 600 hours and 1,200 hours of use. These hours may be shortened or extended depending on environmental conditions, the weight of the heavy-duty machine, and the types of extended operation that the equipment will experience.

How to find the right off the road tires to fit your needs:

OTR tires come in three basic types: bias-belted, bias, and radial.

Bias OTR tire:

Offers flexibility and a smooth, comfortable ride even through uneven terrain. Bias off the road tires is constructed by stretching cords and high tensile wire bead. The cords are placed at 35-degree opposing angles as the beads help tie the tire to the rim. Then, the tread adheres to the crisscross pattern.

Belted Bias OTR tire:

Offers improved tire performance while lessening the rolling resistance that is experienced at higher speeds. Belted Bias off the road tires are constructed in the same way with two layers of crisscross patterns. Before the tread is put into place, stabilizing belts are placed underneath the tread at different angles.

Radial OTR tire:

Offers improved longevity to the tires, high-speed control, and low rolling resistance. Made with similar cords and beads as bias off the road tires except they are placed at right angles from the tread’s centerline. With the cords in a parallel pattern, the stabilizing belts are placed under the tread.

At Fortis HD, find any aftermarket off the road tires to fit your needs and receive them in days. Browse through our vendor selection and find the best aftermarket OTR prices on the market. Get in touch with our customer support for further assistance!

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