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FortisHD offers the widest selection of high-quality aftermarket carriage parts for your heavy equipment. From rollers, idlers, and sprockets for compact track loaders and mini excavators, find high-quality replacement parts and superior customer service all in one place.

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Why choose aftermarket undercarriage parts VS. OEM parts.

FortisHD’s aftermarket undercarriage products for sale are sold by highly-trusted suppliers experienced in construction, forestry, mining, landscaping, and other industries.

Here are other reasons why FortisHD’s aftermarket undercarriage parts are right for you:

Increased compatibility for less.

Aftermarket undercarriage parts can fit a wider range of machines, brands, makes, and models—at a lower price. Unlike OEM parts, aftermarket heavy equipment undercarriage parts fit any size budget.

Forget downtime.

OEM parts stock is often limited and may take weeks for replacement parts to be shipped and delivered. However, aftermarket undercarriage part suppliers count with a vast selection of products for older models that may have been discontinued by OEM suppliers.

With aftermarket replacement parts suppliers, you get what you need, when you need it, where you need it. Plus, you can forget downtime when shopping for emergency parts and speed up repairs to decommissioned machines.

Find assorted parts in one place.

We bring suppliers to one centralized buyer location so consumers can easily compare brands, prices, and receive undercarriage parts in a matter of days.

Searching for aftermarket undercarriage parts? Fortis HD counts with a vast selection of rollers, sprockets, idlers, and other components. Search by brand or machine component and contact our trusted customer service representatives to place your order.

When to replace the undercarriage parts of your machine.

Replacement undercarriage parts focus on idlers, rollers, and sprockets. And most heavy equipment comes with both front and rear idlers. These large parts help the drive gears to rotate and move in the same direction and helps steer the heavy machinery correctly. Based on how the equipment is used, one idler may become more worn down than the other. However, we suggest you inspect both idlers for wear.

Sprockets are undercarriage parts that experience the most wear and tear on a daily basis. Sprockets are designed to mesh in with the rubber track to hold it in place and to move the track while the machine is in operation. Sprockets can lose their teeth or develop cracks that may cause the rubber track to loosen and jump out of place when the equipment is in motion.

Rollers will occasionally need to be replaced due to age, constant operation, or working in adverse and rocky conditions that increase the stress on the components until they have shifted out of place or have developed cracks.

At FortisHD, find the best vendors selling aftermarket undercarriage parts in the heavy equipment industry.

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