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Fortis HD offers the widest selection of high-quality aftermarket undercarriage parts for your heavy equipment. From rollers, idlers, and sprockets for compact track loaders and mini excavators, find high-quality replacement parts and superior customer service all in one place.

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Aftermarket undercarriage parts VS. OEM parts

At Fortis HD, our undercarriage parts suppliers have experience in construction, forestry, mining, landscaping, and other industries. In other words, they understand how parts need to perform to live up to their value

This is where the debate lies– in the performance.

Can aftermarket undercarriage parts perform as well as OEM parts, and last just as long?

Aftermarket undercarriage parts are often made by the same manufacturers as with OEM parts, but there are a few differences.

Greater compatibility with wider range of heavy equipment

Brand name undercarriage parts manufacturers produce parts for specific pieces of equipment. While this has its advantages, it’s also exceptionally limiting. You may not always find the undercarriage parts for your specific machine’s make, model, and year. If you do, they might not always be in stock.

Aftermarket undercarriage parts fit a wider range of machines, brands, makes, and models. This makes them more widely available, and you’ll always find something in stock.

Fortis HD uses the same manufacturers as OEM suppliers without the logo and price tag.

Performance that stands up to OEM brands

When an OEM brand manufactures undercarriage parts, they spend time developing their selection of chemicals, materials, and parts. They choose suppliers that are internationally recognized and accredited, and that must also meet international standards.

The difference between OEM and aftermarket undercarriage parts lies largely in the consistency of the supply. While OEM brands have set materials that never change, aftermarket manufacturers may shift suppliers to ensure they’re meeting demand at all times.

This means that aftermarket manufacturers can produce parts faster, at the best prices for the parts, and without the red tape.

These parts are still made to perform competitively against OEM brands, while fitting a wider range of heavy machinery.

The best prices for undercarriage parts

Aftermarket manufacturers can shift suppliers, and don’t have to meet many of the same restrictive standards of OEM manufacturers (who must use the same parts, materials, and chemicals every time).

This means aftermarket brands can always find the best prices on components to create your undercarriage parts.

We bring suppliers to one centralized buyer location so consumers can easily compare brands, prices, and receive undercarriage parts in a matter of days.

Searching for aftermarket undercarriage parts? Fortis HD counts with a vast selection of rollers, sprockets, idlers, and other components. Search by brand or machine component and contact our trusted customer service representatives to place your order.

When to replace the undercarriage parts of your machine.

We often recommend that you change (or at least inspect) your undercarriage parts every time you change your rubber tracks.

This means there’s no set standard of time for undercarriage parts replacement, since you’ll base changing on how you use your equipment. If you’re on rough terrain for most of your jobs, you’ll likely need to replace your rubber tracks more frequently than if you’re working in mud.

In either case, each time you replace your rubber tracks, check:

  • Idlers
  • Rollers
  • Sprockets
  • Tensioners

Sprockets tend to experience the most wear and tear, since they mesh in with the rubber tracks to hold them in place and help them rotate. They tend to lose their teeth and develop cracks that cause your rubber tracks to loosen and jump out of place.

Age, constant operation, and working in rocky conditions can increase the stress on other undercarriage components that may cause them to shift or develop cracks.

It is best practice to inspect them with each replacement of your rubber tracks.

At Fortis HD, find the best vendors selling aftermarket undercarriage parts in the heavy equipment industry.