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    Questions and Answers

    How long does it take to receive ordered parts?

    Shipping time for ordered parts is typically 1-3 business days. However, shipping times for some products may vary. You can verify shipping times with your quoting agent.

    What is the warranty on FortisHD rubber and steel tracks?

    We offer a warranty of 24 months limited warranty on most products.

    Are there different sizes or styles available of rubber tracks for the same machine?

    The track widths, patterns, sizes, and styles will vary greatly depending on the machine you’re fitting and the equipment’s application. Your quoting agent can help you select the best available option for your specific machine and its use.

    Where do I look for sizing on my existing rubber tracks?

    Sizing for most machines is embedded in the rubber on the underside of the tracks, closest to the outside of the tracks, where the rollers run.

    Are there other parts I need to consider changing on my heavy equipment?

    Look at all components of your machine before changing your rubber or steel tracks. Specifically, check:

    • The groove points of your sprockets
    • That your nubs haven’t sharpened
    • That your rollers have full rotation and should not have any flattened areas
    • That idlers are straight, with minimal side to side motion
    • That your track adjusters must extend and retract smoothly
    • That your greave valve functions properly

    These parts commonly wear at the same rate as your rubber tracks, making their wear a great indicator that there may be wear on the parts above.

    What is the expected life of rubber tracks?

    While 2,000 hours of use is a great benchmark, the terrain and application of the rubber tracks, and the machine you use will alter the lifespan.

    Can I change out the rubber tracks myself? And how do I do it?

    We recommend having a trained service technician change your rubber tracks to avoid voiding the warranty or installing them incorrectly, which will alter their performance and safety.

    If you want to change them yourself, here is a guide step by step:

    1. In a flat area, release the grease valve to suck in the track adjuster
    2. Put one side of the machine in the air
    3. Have a partner operate the tracks for you while you bar over the idler side to remove the track

    For a visual aid on how to change your heavy equipment’s rubber tracks, check out our video guide on Tekamo HD.

    What does the sizing on rubber tracks mean?

    The sizing on rubber tracks are the dimensions of the tracks. For example, if your rubber tracks sizing is 450x86x60, 450 is the width of the track. 86 is the track’s pitch (the measurement between the links). And 60 is the track’s link quantity.

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