How To Change Hydraulic Filters On A John Deere Dozer In 2 Minutes!

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The most common  cause of a hydraulic system failure in a John Deere dozer, and possibly every other hydraulic equipment, is a clogged hydraulic filter that releases contaminants into the system. A failed hydraulic system is a costly affair. It can cause a massive downtime and wreak havoc on other parts and systems of your equipment.

That is why experts highly recommend timely and regular filter replacements. In fact, when changing the fuel filter on your 650K Dozer is the perfect time to also check if the hydraulic filter too needs some replacement.

To avoid the messy aftermath of an overdue filter replacement, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the hydraulic filters on a John Deere 650k.

Changing HYDRAULIC FILTERS on a John Deere Dozer - only takes 2 MINUTES!

Step 1: Locate Air Filter

The John Deere 650k has two hydraulic filters. One is fitted on the rear right side door (on the front of the door), and the other one is fitted in the same place but a little bit further in. The two filters look exactly the same and even have the same part number.

Step 2: Remove The First Filter

You’ll need a pair of filter pliers or any other strong pliers to help you loosen the filter for this step. It’s best to start with the second filter that’s further in, then move to the one closer to the door after that.

So first things first, take a drain pan and place it underneath the filter. The drain pan will collect the gushing lubricant so that you don’t make a mess in there.

Then using a pair of pliers, spin the filter just enough to get it loose, then use your hands the rest of the way and remove it. Take care not to spill the lubricant outside the drain pan. Put it aside.

Remove the new filter from its package, checking that it’s exactly the same as the one you just removed. The easiest way to do that is to grab the filter you just set aside and do a visual comparison. 

Gif of a pro-mechanic removing the first hydraulic filter on a John Deere dozer

Step 3: Replace The New Filter

Before fitting the new filter, you must first lubricate the seal a little so that it’s easy to plug it into the hydraulic filter housing. So take up just a little of the dripping lubricant using your finger and apply it around the filter’s seal. Spin the new filter using your hands first, then go in with the pliers to tighten it the rest of the way. Make it tight enough to hold it in place but not so tight that you will have difficulty spinning it out the next time you want to replace it. 

Gif of a pro-mechanic installing the first new hydraulic filter on a John Deere dozer

Step 4: Remove The Second Filter

The second filter is right at the door, so this should take you less time to replace. You will follow the same steps as you did with the first filter. First, spin out the filter using pliers to get it loose, then take it out by hand. Remember to put a drain pan underneath the filter housing to catch the gushing lubricant.

Take out the new filter, and using your finger, apply a little bit of the lubricant from the filter housing to lubricate the seal.

Thread it back on using your hands and tighten it using the pliers. Again, take care not to over tighten it, you’ll just make it harder to remove next time. You want it to come out quickly the next time you replace the filter.

Gif of a pro-mechanic removing the second filter on a John Deere dozer

Step 5: Replace The Second New Filter

Again, you will repeat the exact steps you took in replacing the first new filter. So again using your finger, lubricate the seal a little with dripping lubricant from the hydraulic filter housing.

Then thread the new filter into the filter housing using your hands until it is tight enough. You can go in with the pliers if you feel it’s not tight enough.

And that’s how you replace the two hydraulic filters on your John Deer dozer in under two minutes!

Gif of a pro-mechanic installing the second hydraulic filter on a John Deere dozer

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