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Aftermarket Replacement

Rubber tracks for sale

If you want to spend less than half the money, get more miles, and still do
relatively well off road,
aftermarket rubber tracks are your
best solution.

aftermarket rubber tracks are your best
aftermarket rubber
tracks are your
best solution.

But you shouldn’t go scouring eBay for them, and you don’t have to spend hours vetting quality, searching off-brand names, and checking for warranties. The truly cheap brands without any reputation behind them tend to be thinner, and don’t stand up to the shale and rocky conditions of most job sites. They also don’t tend to have enough traction to get you through the muddy conditions of a field rained out over a 90 day period.

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To get aftermarket rubber tracks that will outperform, outlast, have better up time, and
extended service life, you need to buy from Fortis HD.


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With Fortis HD Rubber Tracks, You Get

A wide array of rubber compound tracks for mini excavators, MTLs, skid steers, CTLs, carrier crawlers, and compact track loaders.

Top industry warranties on our steel and rubber tracks, undercarriage parts, OTR tires, and more.

100% protection for your payment, with flexible returns and refunds if you cancel before we’ve shipped your order.

Top rubber track brands such as Bobcat, Ditch Witch, Kubota, John Deere, CAT, and more.

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Aftermarket Rubber
Tracks Vs OEM

OEM brands like to convince you that you’re getting a better track, just because of their name and reputation. In reality, there are only a handful of manufacturers in the world that make rubber tracks.

That’s not to say there isn’t a difference between the rubber tracks, because there is, and this difference typically lies in the chemicals used to make the rubber tracks.

Chemical Differences

OEM brands have to source their chemicals from internationally recognized and accredited chemical suppliers. They may also have their own proprietary chemical blends.

This doesn’t mean that the aftermarket chemicals are lower quality. It means that it’s not a proprietary blend and the suppliers aren’t required to meet international standards.

Cost Differences

The reason there is such a difference in cost between aftermarket rubber tires and OEM, lies in that chemical composition. If a manufacturer uses chemicals from a supplier that has to meet international standards, there are additional costs involved in their development and sale.

Build Differences

As mentioned, there are only a handful of manufacturers out there doing anything special with their tracks. There are thousands of different track sizes, and each need their own mold to make them. For most brands, it’s a simple bulk purchase with their name stamped on it.

The big difference between OEM and aftermarket rubber tracks is generally in the design. It’ll differ based on the press machine the manufacturer uses, the heating technique, rubber formulation… The variations affect the mold block, its thickness, angles, pressure, and so on.

John Deere 35G mini excavator with tight rubber tracks.

Fortis HD’s aftermarket rubber track vendors aim to stay competitive with OEM brands:

Top-Quality + Warranty Service

Our aftermarket replacement rubber compound tracks handle daily wear and tear and long work hours. As a premium quality product, they’re warranty approved.

Lower Prices + Availability:

OEM rubber tracks often stock at higher prices compared to aftermarket replacement tracks, and they’re far less available and more difficult to match with varying heavy machinery. This is largely because OEM brands often discontinue older models– making it much harder for find replacement tracks and parts.

At Fortis HD, you’ll always find replacement rubber tracks for your equipment’s specific make and model, even if it’s an older model discontinued by the OEM manufacturer.

Want to save time and money on
replacement rubber tracks?

Fortis HD is Your Best Bet.

Choose a vendor for your aftermarket rubber tracks and receive them in 1-2 days (in most states), reducing your downtime. Better yet, you’ll get quality equipment parts at the best price possible, with all the assurances of an OEM carrier.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Or does it?

How Fortis HD will transform the rubber tracks industry

“Overpriced equipment rentals and staff who couldn’t care less about helping you” is a common complaint most people have about heavy equipment parts dealers.

Then there are the parts vendors that refuse to bend when their parts break, stating they have no liability and forcing you to buy new parts.

Missing parts. Delays. Excessive costs.
Don’t even get us started on the lack of customer service.


We’ve set out to change it all.

At Fortis HD, you’ll find

Vendors and Manufacturers

Quality vendors and manufacturers for the best undercarriage parts, OTR tires, and rubber tracks.

Best Product Prices

The best prices on all our products, from aftermarket to brand name, with the warranties to back them up.

Fast Buying Shipping Process

A fast and painless buying and shipping process for our quality parts, to reduce or eliminate your downtime.

Largest Selection of
Aftermarket Rubber Tracks

We have the largest selection of aftermarket rubber tracks for heavy equipment machinery, with the most reliable warranty service on the market, thanks to our substantial vendor partnerships.

Paired with our user-friendly platform, you can shop for rubber tracks, undercarriage parts, accessories, and OTR tires for skid steers, mini excavators, track loaders, and more with a simple search of brand or model.

When you purchase from Fortis HD, you don’t just get great prices on quality replacement rubber tracks and parts, but you get them FAST.

Ready to see our quality aftermarket replacement rubber tracks and fast shipping?

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