We’re engineers,
technicians, and strategists
— who love getting their hands dirty
We left no stone unturned and partnered with leading experts in the industry to help customers access top-quality parts from every seller across America—and simplified the process down to the bone.
About FortisHD
FortisHD is many things. One of them is an honor to the backbones of our industry.
The hardworking men and women who, for many sunrises to sunsets, built the land we have the privilege to walk on today. Now, we’re here to continue the legacy and help past, present, and future diligent workers conquer their everyday challenges and create new opportunities for success.
Early on, we understood that remarkable industries like our own, need technology to fully thrive. So we envisioned a platform where heavy-duty is in the spotlight, and so are our customers.
Our Mission
We created a global online marketplace made by experts for experts, technicians, DIYers, home-makers, and fanatics alike. A heavy-duty mecca where anyone can easily find, purchase, and receive quality heavy-duty equipment parts—among other cutting-edge benefits that set us apart.
We look to improve the customer experience from every angle—yes, we’re thinking 360 degrees.
In the present, we’re fostering genuine connections with some of the worlds’ biggest heavy-duty brands and sellers, offering troubleshooting information, connecting manufacturers, technicians, and customers, and much more. Our ultimate goal? To further empower our industry—and the industrious people behind it.
Meet the Experts
Kevin H. Managing Director
Kevin is an industry expert, to say the least. He’s the heart and brains of FortisHD. He knows exactly how to connect the dots between our team, our system, and the needs of the industry.</p> <p>He’s definitely who you call for wisdom about heavy-duty, machinery, and technology. Kevin has dedicated his life to heavy-duty and has huge aspirations about empowering our industry.
Josh D.
With 15+ years of experience in the Heavy Duty Industry, Josh has worked in all aspects of the Business. From the warehouse to service, with a particular focus on parts and undercarriage. His knowledge and ability to work on time to get clients what they need. No parts inquiries are too big or too small.
Mike C.
Mike has honed his skills at all levels. As an Apprentice Mechanic to achieve his Red Seal, Journeyman Field Technician, and Service Manager, Mike has always shown the drive and knowledge to help in any situation. Sitting behind a desk was no longer his forte, and he wanted to get back on the Road and back to wrenching. Never afraid to jump into a job and get Dirty. His years of experience and drive to improve constantly are on display.
Mike V.
Mike V. is our warehouse manager. With nearly 15 years of experience working in and managing warehouses, Mike is the perfect person to ensure that no process is skipped. His experience with heavy equipment means that he's always aware of what's happening in the warehouse and can quickly address any issues that may arise.
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