How to Quickly Change the Air Filter on a Ditch Witch SK755 With Ease

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Comparing old and new air filters for a Ditch Witch SK755

To keep your Ditch Witch SK755 running optimally, you want to check and change the air filter. If you leave the dirty filter in place, it could get clogged and become ineffective. It may also start to allow dirt into the engine, which could cause malfunctions. Learn how to change the air filter for this piece of heavy equipment with this simple guide.

How to Change the Air Filter on a Ditch Witch SK755

Step 1: Lift the Arms

You will need to lift the hydraulic arms to access both sides of the hatch to change the filter. Turn on the machine and operate the arms until they are up fully in the air. Then turn off the machine and engage the safety mechanisms on each side of the hydraulic arms. These safety latches will prevent the arms from falling while you work on the machine.

Pointing to engaged safety stops on a mini skid steer

Step 2: Warm the Machine

If the machine was cold before this maintenance service, you want to let it run for at least 15-20 minutes before changing the air filter.

Ditch Witch mini skid steer being started up by a heavy equipment mechanic

Step 3: Open Lid and Locate Air Filter

Open the lid to the hatch and engage the safety bar to lock it in place. To locate the air filter, it is in the black housing at the top near the cab.

Heavy duty mechanic opening the hood of a Ditch Witch SK755

Step 4: Remove Housing Cap

The air filter cap has two clips: one at the top and one at the bottom. Disengage the clips and pull the cap off. Shake the cap to remove any dirt inside. On one side of the cap is the dust boot, called a valve. The valve is used to catch larger pieces of dirt and debris. Pop the cap off to the dust boot valve. Then wipe out the dirt from the valve and the inside cap.

Mechnaic shows where to remove the air filter housing cap on a Ditch Witch SK755

Step 5: Replace Filter

The filter can simply be pulled out. You will find another filter inside. This second filter is a safety filter. They do not always need to be replaced at the same time unless it is also dirty. Wiggle the inner filter out and check it. Then reinstall the safety filter. With the safety filter in place, wipe down the inside of the housing. The inner filter will keep dust from entering the engine. Take out the new filter and compare it to the old one to ensure it is the same diameter before pushing the new one into place.

Heavy duty mechanic demonstrates putting a new air filter into a mini skid steer

Step 6: Close the Housing

Place the cap back on the housing by making sure the dust boot valve is at the bottom. Flip and secure the clips. Then close the machine lid and take down the safety mechanisms so you can operate the hydraulic arms.

How install air filter housing on a mini skid steer

Always set up a regular maintenance schedule to check and replace the air filter on your Ditch Witch SK755.

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