Tips for Checking Your Hydraulic Oil Level on a Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steer

  • Written by Luis
Close the sight glass on a Ditch Witch SK755

When the hydraulic systems start to struggle, it could be an indication that the hydraulic oil needs to be filled. Before performing work with a Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steer, use the following tips to check the oil.

Also, we will provide steps on how to refill the tank.

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Step 1: Checking the Sight Glass

You want to lift the hatch to check the hydraulic oil. When the hatch is lifted, make sure the safety is engaged so the hatch does not fall back down. On the left side, there will be a small sight glass with a little red ball inside. The red ball floats in the hydraulic oil. If the ball is at the bottom of the sight glass, it means that the Ditch Witch mini skid steer is low on hydraulic oil.

HD mechanic shows where to check a Dwitch Witch mini skid steer sight glass
Step 2: Opening the Hydraulic Cap

Open the lid on the left side by twisting the cap. Inside the lid opening is a little screen. This screen helps to catch the larger contaminants that may be found in the funnel or hydraulic oil container that could get into the hydraulic system. Leave the screen in place when pouring in the oil.

Step 3: Selecting Hydraulic Oil
Mechanic pouring Tekamo oil into a Ditch Witch SK755

There are many brands of hydraulic oil available, such as Tekamo brand AW 46. The symbols “AW 46” represent the viscosity of the oil. You want to choose the right viscosity based on the climate where the machine will operate and the temperatures.

YouTube Tutorial for Changing the Engine Oil & Filter on a JD 650K Dozer
Step 4: Using a Pour Jug or Funnel

Many hydraulic oils come in large buckets that make it difficult to pour the hydraulic oil directly into the machine. You can use a smaller container or a funnel to prevent spillage and to better control the flow rate of the oil. Make sure to clean the lid of the bucket to prevent dirt from getting into the funnel or pour jug.

Pointing out the screen on a Ditch Witch mini skid steer before you pour oil
Step 5: Keep an Eye on the Sight Glass

You want to always keep an eye on the hydraulic oil level in the sight glass. You do not want to overfill the hydraulic oil into the Ditch Witch mini skid steer. The little red ball will start to float higher as you can see the level of the hydraulic oil in the sight glass.

Mechanic points out sight glass on a SK755 mini skid steer
Step 6: Do Not Overfill

The hydraulic oil tank is designed to have an air space inside. The cap will allow air into the tank but will not allow air to escape. This air acts as a positive pressure to help push the hydraulic oil to the pumps when the machine is in operation.

If there is too much oil in the tank, the oil creates too much positive pressure that can cause seal damage. If it is too low, there will not be enough positive pressure to push the oil to the pumps. So, the pumps must work harder to draw in the oil.

Step 7: Clean Up

Once you pour the oil inside, you want to double check the sight glass after the oil has settled. Now you know that the machine is topped off. You can place the cap back on and put the machine into use.

Heavy duty mechanic demonstrates replacing a hydraulic cap on DW SK755

Make sure to clean the bucket of any dirt or debris so it does not get into the oil. Begin pouring in the oil while checking the dipstick to ensure that you do not overfill the machine. The engine oil should be near the top line on the dipstick without going over it.

For more information on how to maintain your heavy machines, or you are interested in obtaining a Ditch Witch mini skid steer, contact Fortis HD.

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