How to Change the Engine Oil & Filter on a Ditch Witch SK755

  • Written by Luis
Close up of Ditch Witch SK755

Due to the buildup of contaminants in the engine, it is always advisable to change the engine oil and filter on your Ditch Witch SK755.

By changing the oil and filters, you can ensure the engine will operate properly when performing heavy equipment work. Follow these steps to perform both tasks.

Changing the engine oil & filter on a Ditch Witch SK755

1: Fire up the Machine

You want to warm up the machine to warm up the oil in the engine. When the oil is warm, it will drain faster. Firing the engine also helps to mix up the contaminants into the oil so that they can also be drained out. Leave the machine running for 10 minutes to 15-minutes, especially on a cold day.

HD mechanic turning on a Ditch Witch SK755

While the machine is running, lift the arm so that it is out of the way when accessing the sides of the machine to change the filter.

2: Gain Access

Once the arm is lifted, push down the safety bars so that it cannot fall when working on the machine. Lift the hatch and use the safety lever to hold the hatch up in place so that it does not fall onto you.

Arrows pointing out a fully engaged safety stop on DW Sk755

3: Drain the Oil

Use a 13/16 wrench (22mm) for the work. There will be a remote line attached to the bottom of the oil pan for access. A hydraulic cap is on top of the fitting that must be removed. Use the wrench to remove the cap and have the oil drain into a container that fits underneath. If the oil is only draining a little bit, remove the engine oil fill plug to allow the system to vent as the oil will drain faster.

heavy duty mechanic draining engine oil from a Ditch Wicth mini skid steer

4: Remove the Filter

Since parts of the oil will still be cold, it can take a long time for all of it to completely drain. While the machine is draining, you can change the engine filters. Use the tool you have available to remove the filter. You can use three different tools to loosen the filter: a strap wrench, a filter plier, or a pump plier. If using a strap wrench, make sure to tighten it in place with a ratchet and turn it clockwise to loosen the filter. Let the oil drain from the filter before disposing it.

Mechanic removes the oil filter on mini skid steer

5: Install the New Filter

Lubricate the seal around the new filter with fresh oil and then screw it into place by hand. Using your hand instead of a tool will prevent the seal from tearing when tightening up. Make sure not to overtighten the filter.

Heaby equipment mechanic installs oil filter on Ditch Witch sk755

6: Place Engine Oil into the Machine

Place the cap back on the drain fitting. Fill the tank with engine oil using a small container, funnel, or an extension hose. While filling up the tank, you want to constantly check the engine oil level so as not to overfill it. It can take some time to get an accurate engine oil level reading on the dipstick because the oil is making its way to the bottom of the engine. You want the oil level to be between the two lines on the dipstick.

Hose being placed into a Ditch Witch SK755 while mechanic pours engine oil

7: Finish Up

Once you reach the desired engine oil level, place the engine oil fill cap back on and close the hatch. Put the safety bars back in place and lower the arm.

For more information about servicing a Ditch Witch SK755, contact Fortis HD.

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