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Lifting a Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader to Change Tracks

a Kubota SVL-75 lifted off its' tracks using the boom and bucket

Due to prolonged use, the tracks on heavy machinery will begin to fail. You may also encounter unforeseen obstacles that could accidentally damage the tracks as they cannot be repaired. In these instances, you may have to change the track out on the jobsite yourself.

Changing the track on a skid steer or compact track loader does not require another piece of lifting machinery to get it up off the ground. You will also not require a car jack. Instead, the heavy equipment itself will do the heavy lifting to get higher into the air. Read our following 3 steps to get the tracks on your machine changed efficiently.

Step One: Blocking

Blocking simply is a process where you use three blocks at the back of the machine to hold it up into the air. You’ll be using the front boom and bucket to lift the back of the skid steer or compact track loader onto the blocks. Place the three blocks at the back of the machine so they are right up against the metal. These blocks will ensure that the machine will not fall over.

block setting to lift a Kubota CTL into the air

Step Two: Using the Boom and Bucket

Next, you want to turn on the heavy equipment. Lift the boom up into the air and then lower the bucket and tilt it forward. Put the bucket against the ground and press down.

Kubota SVL75-2 CTL lifts the boom up into the air

Step Three: Lifting onto the Blocks

With the bucket pressing down, the back of the heavy machine will lift up and pivot onto the back blocks. The entire machine will be up in the air with the bucket supporting the back of the machine and the blocking supporting the back. There will be enough room for you to be able to change the track on both sides. You will have enough clearance to get the track off from around the rollers in the front and the back.

the operator raises up the compact track loader using the Kubota bucket

Always replace both tracks on the compact track loader or skid steer at the same time so there won’t be any uneven wear when the machine is in use. With proper maintenance, you can have your tracks lasting for years before they needing to be replaced again.

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