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Why choose to buy Terex parts
from Fortis HD?

Fortis HD is a trusted source for heavy equipment parts, tracks, and tires. We have a wide selection of replacement parts for Terex construction equipment. Our high-performance rubber tracks, OTR and solid skid steer tires, and undercarriage parts, such as sprockets, idlers, and rollers, are designed for reliability and durability so that you can lower the total cost of ownership of your Terex fleet.

Keep your Terex heavy equipment operational by adhering to the regular maintenance and service requirements with parts from Fortis HD. We make online ordering easy with smart, step-by-step checkout and 100% secure payment processing. You’ll receive a receipt on purchase, and we’ll send email updates about your order delivery status. The Fortis HD mandate is to offer high quality parts, delivered fast, with excellent service.

You can enjoy an even faster checkout experience when you sign up for an account with Fortis HD. We’ll save all your previous orders and equipment information so that you can find the parts you need to keep your equipment running without having to search again. Whether you need replacement rubber tracks for excavators or loaders, tires for your Terex skid steer, or any undercarriage parts that will keep your construction equipment fleet well-maintained, Fortis HD has a wide selection of options for you to choose from.