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Yanmar VIO75 Tracks

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SKU: 47538054Y
Product specifications



VIO 75

Track Link:


Track Pitch:

83.5 mm

Track Width:

450 mm

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100% Guaranteed Fit

We'll either return your money or replace your part

Give Your Yanmar VIO 75 the Best Possible Traction With a Set of Fortis HD Tracks

Built tough. Constructed to last. The Yanmar VIO 75 rubber tracks will tackle any heavy-duty application no matter the obstacle. Matching OEM specifications, our aftermarket rubber tracks have been specifically formulated for superior durability to get the most out of your Yanmar VIO 75.

Forged from an industrial-strength rubber compound and engineered with a specialized bonding adhesive, these tracks withstand the most rugged of conditions in North America. Whether it’s large-scale construction or work around a farm, these tracks get the maximum performance out of your equipment operation.

Put the elements at your mercy. Our rubber tracks have a multipurpose track pattern designed to handle any terrain or season. Traverse across dirt slopes or rocky terrain with ease - conquering mud, gravel, snow, and clay.

Ask Us About Track Patterns for Different Terrain

H Pattern or C Lug tread

The H or C track patterns are the most commonly used treads for tracks. They can easily manoeuver over mud, snow, dirt, rocks or clay.






Zig zag tread

If traction is important to you, then zig zag patterned rubber tracks is the way to go. Zig zag treads are excellent for snow, mud and clay surfaces. These types of tracks will also reduce vibration of your machine, which will help with slippery surfaces.




Straight bar pattern

The straight bar tread is specifically meant for wet and muddy surfaces. If you operate at high speeds, these tracks give you great traction and maneuverability.



Multi bar pattern

If you’re dealing with gravel or a loose terrain, a multi bar tread might be your best option. However, these tracks will also work well on a hard surface and snow without issues. Think of them as your “all-season tracks”.



Order your set today and see the difference Fortis HD aftermarket rubber tracks can make.

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