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Heavy Duty Mechanic: How To Change The CAT 314 Air Filter

Texting saying "How to change the CAT 314 Air Filter" with a heavy mechanic and air filter in the background"

Changing the air filter on a CAT 314 helps to prevent dust and dirt from getting into your machine’s systems. To purchase new air filters, you can buy them directly from the manufacturer of the make and model of the excavator or purchase aftermarket parts. If you decide to get an aftermarket filter, you will need to know which filter to buy. You can find the part number on the filter itself so you can purchase the right one. Here are steps to replacing the excavator air filter.

How To Change an Air Filter on a CAT 314 Excavator

Step 1: Locate Air Filter

On the CAT 314, you will find the air filter behind the cab right behind the door. Every machine is different. Some have two air filters while other equipment has only one. The CAT 314 has one filter in the housing.

Heavy duty mechanic locates the air filter on a Caterpillar excavator

Step 2: Unbuckle Clips

The air filter housing cap has three clips. You’ll need to buckle all three clips to remove the cap to reach the air filter.

Step 3: Pull Out the Filter

Heavy equipment technician removes a dirty old air filter from a large CAT excavator

On some machines, the filter may have a wingnut in the middle. You would unscrew the wingnut to take out the filter. The CAT 314, does not have a wingnut. Wiggle and twist the filter to help pull it out.

Step 4: Clean the Housing

Before installing a new air filtre, the heavy mechanic cleans out the filter housing

Once you take out the outer air filter, there will be an inner safety filter still inside the machine. Leave it in place while cleaning out the dust inside as the filter will catch it. This filter will prevent contaminates from getting deeper into the machine. Once you have wiped the housing clean of dirt, pull out the secondary filter.

Step 5: Compare Old and New Filters

Take the new inner filter and compare it to the old filter to ensure it has the same size opening so it can fit into the machine and seal completely. Place a little bit of pressure on the safety filter so it attaches to the machine. Take the outer filter and push it inside.

Step 6: Place in New Filters

Heavy equipment mechanic showing us how to put a new air filter into a CAT 314 excavator

Clean dirt and grime from the inside of the cap. Reinstall the cap and latch on the three buckles. Pull off the one-way check valve and bang the dirt and dust out. Then place the one-way valve check back onto the cap.

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