How do I know if aftermarket undercarriage parts will work with my heavy equipment?

Before buying any undercarriage part, it’s crucial for you to check the manufacturer’s spec book to ensure that the aftermarket skid steer part, aftermarket excavator part, or any other aftermarket undercarriage part has the same dimensions as the OEM part. If the ratings and dimensions of the aftermarket undercarriage part...

Is it safe to buy aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Replacing OEM undercarriage parts with aftermarket undercarriage parts offers significant cost savings, and in 99.9% of cases, the parts are manufactured to be just as effective and reliable as the originals. One thing we recommend at FortisTracks, is to make sure that any parts your purchase — OEM and aftermarket...

How do I install rubber tracks?

Installing rubber tracks is not as hard as you think! Check out our tutorial videos: How To Install Rubber Tracks On Skid Steers How To Install Rubber Tracks On Excavators

Where can I dispose of rubber tracks?

Look up rubber recycling facilities in your area and ask them if you can dispose of your old rubber tracks. Otherwise, get creative! Some people will use their old rubber tracks as planter rings in their gardens, or for other landscaping purposes.

How do I tell if rubber tracks are bad?

Rips in the rubber, significantly decreased tread depth, or loose tracks (meaning poor track tension) are all indicators that it’s time to replace your rubber tracks. Loose tracks could also mean that you are low on track grease, so make sure you check your track grease (via the track adjuster...


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