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Skid Steer Tracks 101 FAQ – Josh’s Corner Episode 1

  • Written by Luis
Josh's Corner E1

Welcome to our very informative video, where Josh tackles some of the most common queries about Skid Steer tracks. Here are the key takeaways for those who prefer reading. 

For a more in-depth explanation, we have provided timestamps linking back to the specific parts of the video.

Question: What is the best track for skid steers?

Josh’s answer: The best track for a skid steer is a rubber track. You’ll rarely find steel tracks, and even though there are some out there, you’re going to use them less. Rubber tracks are the best for skid steer versatility and the ability to minimize ground disturbance. They’re ideal for softer surfaces, and you can use them on the road, in the mud, in the field, or on some grass. The key takeaway is to find out where the machine will work most and buy the right product for the right application. Explained at 00:00 in the video

Question: How much does it cost for some of these tracks?

Josh’s answer: The cost varies significantly. If you’ve got a Ditch Witch with tiny tracks, they’re about $500-$600 each. If you got a Morooka, they could be about $8,000-$10,000 each. We have how-to videos guiding you through the process. If you’re hiring outside mechanics, we recommend reaching out to Tekamo HD. Explained at 00:35 in the video

Question: How do I choose a skid steer track?

Josh’s answer: It all depends on what type of machine you have, where you’re working, and how it’s going. First, you need to get the proper sizing, which you can find 95% of the time on your track. Then, you can decide what width and track pattern you want based on what you will be working on. We can help you determine what’s best for your application if you need more clarification. You can also visit our website, www.fortishd.com, and pick a track. You’ll find different options explaining the conditions they’re best suited for. Explained at 01:07 in the video

Question: What’s the average life of a skid steer track?

Josh’s answer: The average life of a skid steer track is anywhere from a thousand hours to two thousand hours. This greatly depends on your maintenance practices and working conditions. Make sure the track is tensioned correctly, and you’re not working in conditions that could cause nicks and cuts from rocks. Just like any other equipment, the more you take care of it, the longer it’s going to last. Explained at 01:36 in the video

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap for this round of questions. If you have any other queries, please feel free to reach out to Josh at joshd@fortishd.com or leave a comment below the video. We love hearing from you and are always ready to help!

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