Simply put, Fortis Tracks was born out of necessity. Fortis was created because a group of equipment owners recognized, through experience, that quality tracks for our heavy equipment were either way too expensive, or too hard to track down. Fleet managers, equipment owner / operators, and rental company owners alike were all sharing these same problems. Tracks were either too expensive, low quality, or a pain to buy and ship.

All of these individuals realized that a reliable source for quality machine parts would make the maintenance of equipment a breeze, compared to their current options, which was making equipment maintenance a headache. As a solution, the Fortis website was created as an easy-to-use platform which connects equipment owners and operators with affordable tracks for their machines. Combined, the owners of Fortis Tracks have over 150 years of heavy equipment & construction experience. From this experience comes Fortis Tracks, designed to make the lives of anyone involved with Heavy Equipment, a little bit easier.

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