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Mueller-Kueps Vibro-Impact Air Hammer: the Big Brother of Air Hammers

  • Written by Luis
Heavy-duty mechanic in his workshop looks at a care package

Care packages? Yeah. Badass-looking tools? YEAH. A care package with a badass-looking tool from Mueller-Keups? HELL YEAH!!!

Join Cameron (and his excitement), a heavy-duty mechanic with 10+ years of experience, as he unboxed a large care package from non-other than Mueller-Keups, one of the top specialty tools innovators for automotive customers.

Do you prefer to see a video tutorial instead?

First Impressions of the Air Hammer

Close-up of one of the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer bits.

The Mueller-Kueps Vibro-Impact Air Hammer is BIG (in a good way). The first thing Cam said, and we quote: “That’s the biggest hammer bit I’ve ever seen.”

First impressions? He fell in love with its skookum design. But will it work?

Initial Plans and Adjustments

Heavy-duty mechanic using the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer to rip out a rusted final drive.

The perfect scenario to use the big chooch emerged upon discovering slop in the bearing of an excavator final drive whose bolts seized up.

Cam decided to rip out the whole thing and take it to the shop.

Guess what?

The Mueller-Kueps Vibro-Impact Air Hammer quickly blew those seized bolts out.

Testing the Air Hammer

Close-up of the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer disassembling bearings.

Cam tried the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer in the shop to separate the rusted bearings. He was amazed at the force of this tool.

How powerful is this air-impact hammer? It delivers a constant pressure of 6.2 bars at a rate of 2,500 BPM! Do you understand what it means?

Picture an average person delivering 2,500 blows, each with 100 lb of power, within a minute with a sledgehammer without getting tired.

The hammer kicks hard. You’ll need some strength and both hands to hold it in place.

Other Uses of the Air Hammer

Heavy-duty mechanic uses the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer to take out a track pin.

What else can you do with the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer?

We have used it to split up the housing of some final drives.

A particular task we like doing with this tool is plowing out pin tracks instead of using regular hammers. Recently, we had a 2” track pin seized up in place. Cam took it out using one of the smaller tip chisels.

Benefits Over Traditional Tools

The main advantage of the Vibro-Impact Air Tool over traditional hammers is the ability to get the job done in places where the lack of space wouldn’t let you swing a big sledgehammer.

Regarding other air hammers, the extra side handle design of the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer makes this tool more stable leading to higher efficiency.

Overall Review & Final Thoughts

Heavy-duty mechanic holds a Vibro-Impact Air Hammer.

The Vibro-Impact Air Hammer does what Mueller-Kueps claim: deliver high power to make heavy-duty jobs easier, even in tight spaces.

Cam likes big tools and has years of experience with all sorts. Cam is an honest guy. If the tool sucked, he would spit it out on camera (he tends to be too honest). He’ll buy it for sure.

The Vibro-Impact Air Hammer is one of those products you didn’t know you needed to add to your collection until you discovered it.


Features of the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer.

With its 12 lb design resembling a side-mounted sub-gun, the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer is a cool-looking but, most importantly, reliable tool, delivering 6.2 bar (90 psi) of force at an impressive 2,500 BPM. It comes with five different chisels to tackle a wide range of tasks.

Consider it your next valuable addition to your toolkit.


Cam is a big dude, and even he says you’ll need to hold the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer hard with both hands. But thanks to its design, it’s easy to maneuver this impact tool.

You’ll soon find many applications for it, making your work easier.

Importance of Tool Adaptability

Do you know that moment while facing a challenging job as a heavy-duty mechanic or at home when that inner voice tells you there must be a better way to do this?

Remember the satisfaction as you got to a solution with an unexpected tool?

Be ready for more satisfying moments of success with the convenience of having the power of a sledgehammer with the convenience of the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer.

Why Choose Mueller-Kueps Vibro-Impact Air Hammer

With several chisels and an impressive combination of 6.2 bar (90 psi) of power at 2,500 blows per minute, this air impact hammer will adapt to your needs.

Disassemble connections (conical, bushings, and rusted screws) or deliver extra torque with wrenches in a tight space. It can even support pullers.

In a nutshell, the Vibro-Impact Air Hammer does exactly what it’s supposed to do.


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