How to Change the Engine Oil & Filter on a John Deere 650K LGP in Under 10 Minutes!

  • Written by Luis
collage of inside a JD 650K LGP dozer

Changing the engine oil and filter seems like a complicated process for larger heavy equipment like the John Deere 650K LGP. Yet both tasks are simple and can be done in under 10 minutes.

Check out how to perform both actions with these steps.

Step 1: Lift the Blade

You will need to climb under the machine to remove the drain pan. Lift the blade up out of the way and place it onto lock blocks. The lock blocks will keep it stable and prevent the blade from falling down, hurting you as you work.

Arrow pointing to the blade on a JD dozer

Step 2: Remove Drain Pan

The drain panel has four 16mm bolts, you can use a socket or wrench to take them off. Be careful of the panel after you remove the last bolt, sometimes dirt and gravel can get on top of the panel and be heavy which could force your hand and arm suddenly downward.

Step 3: Drain Oil

Heavy mechanic demonstrates removing John Deere dozer oil pan

On the side will be a remote hose. Bring the hose down into the pan that will catch the old engine oil. Next to the hose will be a little valve that will release the oil. Use an Allen wrench to move the valve until the oil begins to drain.

YouTube Tutorial for Changing the Engine Oil & Filter on a JD 650K Dozer

Step 4: Remove Side Panels

As the engine oil drains, you can change the engine oil filter. The filter is located on the side of the machine. Yet the arm will be in the way of opening the access panel. You can remove both panels using a wrench to take out the 16mm bolts. First remove the top panel as then you will be able to remove the bottom panel.

Removing the side panel on a JD 650 dozer to access the oil filter

Step 5: Crack the Engine Oil Filter

Remove (crack) the engine oil filter using filter pliers, channel lock (pump) pliers or a strap wrench. Once you loosen the filter, twist it off and pop out the old seal.

Step 6: Place on New Filter

Inside a John Deere dozer with an arrow pointing to the oil filter

Put a new seal in place. Take the new filter and lubricate the seal with fresh, clean engine oil. Screw the filter into place by hand so as not to over tighten it.

Step 7: Refill Engine Oil Tank

Once the oil is drained out, use the Allen key to close the valve. Then place the remote hose back up into the machine. You can now place the pan back over the opening. Once the pan is in place, use a funnel to fill the engine by placing it into the fill cap on the side of the machine.

Heavy duty mechanic refills engine oil for a John Deere 650K

Make sure to clean the bucket of any dirt or debris so it does not get into the oil. Begin pouring in the oil while checking the dipstick to ensure that you do not overfill the machine. The engine oil should be near the top line on the dipstick without going over it.

Step 8: Place on the Panels

Once you fill the John Deere 650K LGP with engine oil, place the bottom panel back on first. Then put the top panel back into place.

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