Kubota KX121-3 Mini Excavator Sprocket


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Product specifications
Track Weight:

27.00 lbs

Track Weight:

27.00 lbs

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Product description

Your Kubota mini excavator is a great piece of heavy equipment that will help you extend the possibilities of your company and secure a profitable future. In order to do that though it needs to be well-maintained and that includes having someone inspect the undercarriage on a regular basis; including the mini excavator sprockets. The sprockets transfer energy from the motor to the track by grabbing hold of the lugs and propelling the rig forward or backward. If the sprockets have become old the teeth can get jagged and when these sharp teeth grab hold of the lugs on the track they hack away like a determined piece of jobsite debris. If you notice damaged teeth on your sprockets during an inspection don’t hesitate to replace them with this Kubota KX121-3 sprocket.

Profits are harder to come by than ever before. Therefore it’s vital that all your equipment is ready to go when needed and that it will perform to expectations time and again. The importance of regular maintenance inspections of your mini excavator sprockets can’t be overstated. Because if you let them go you’ll eventually be dealing with a blown track, a sidelined crew, unhappy customers and a damaged reputation. Make sure you replace all your old sprockets with this Kubota KX121-3 sprocket.

KX121-3 Sprocket

Kubota KX121-3 Mini Excavator Sprocket


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