John Deere 35D Mini Excavator Bottom Roller


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Product specifications
Track Weight:

12.98 lbs

Track Weight:

12.98 lbs

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Product description

Your John Deere 35D needs to be properly maintained in order to perform to its capabilities. That means keeping an eye on all the major components including the mini excavator rollers. The rollers don’t get a lot of glamorous press but without properly functioning rollers the entire mini excavator system grinds to a halt. It’s crucial that you have someone inspect the undercarriage of your 35D before sending it out to a job site in order to ensure the rollers are working properly. If any are found to be malfunctioning you should waste no time replacing them with this John Deere 35D bottom roller.

Downtime in the construction business is no laughing matter. It’s the difference between success and failure, between profit and loss. There are some causes of downtime that can’t be avoided but others that definitely can: like track failure caused by faulty mini excavator rollers. Faulty rollers can not only lead to track failure they can also endanger the safety of the operator and cause your mini excavator to operate sluggishly. Replacing any loose, stuck or damaged mini excavator rollers with this John Deere 35D bottom roller will go a long way toward preventing downtime and protecting your company’s margins.

John Deere 35D Bottom Roller

John Deere 35D Mini Excavator Bottom Roller


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