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Product specifications



MXR 35

Track Link:


Track Pitch:

100.0 mm

Track Size:


Track Width:

320.0 mm

This tracks may be compatible with

CAT MS 030, CAT MS 035, CAT MXR 30, CAT MXR 30SR, CAT MXR 35SR, CAT NS 030, CAT NS 035, Hanix N 300, Hanix N 300R, Hanix N 320, Hanix N 350, Hanix N 350R, Hanix S&B 15, Hanix S&B 15SR, Hanix S&B 20, Hanix S&B 20SR, John Deere 25.0, John Deere 30.0, Komatsu PC 15-1, Komatsu PC 28-1, Kubota KH 26SR, Kubota KH 30SR, Nissan N 300, Nissan N 300R, Nissan N 320, Nissan N 350, Nissan N 350-2, Nissan N 350R, Nissan S&B 115, Nissan S&B 15, Nissan S&B 15R, Nissan S&B 15SR, Nissan S&B 20, Nissan S&B 20-5, Nissan S&B 20R, Nissan S&B 20SR, Nissan S&B 220, Takeuchi Manufacturing TB 300R, Takeuchi Manufacturing TB 350R, Takeuchi Manufacturing TL 25, Takeuchi Manufacturing TL250R, Takeuchi Manufacturing TZ 25, Takeuchi Manufacturing TZ 250, Takeuchi Manufacturing TZ 250R, Takeuchi Manufacturing TZ 30, Yanmar YB 251, Yanmar YB 281, Yanmar YB 301, Yanmar YB 351

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100% Guaranteed Fit

We'll either return your money or replace your part


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