Bobcat 36×14-20 OTR Tires

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Product description

When you’re facing a demolition site full of dangerous debris do you want to venture in with your Bobcat heavy equipment sporting 14-17.5 pneumatic tires? Of course not. You need a tire that isn’t going to blow out when the going gets tough. You need the Bobcat 36×14-20 OTR tire. These solid skid steer tires are designed with one thing in mind: performance. They’ll ensure your crew finish the job on time and that your loader can perform up to expectations. No other OTR tires will provide equal:

● Load capacity
● Trouble-free performance
● Stability and security
● Easy installation

A single blown tire at the wrong time can completely upend your schedule and destroy your profit margins. That’s why it’s crucial you replace your 14-17.5 pneumatic tires now before you let your Bobcat skid steer loader leave the yard. These OTR skid steer tires are made of the highest quality solid rubber and won’t let you down regardless of conditions or changes in the weather. You wouldn’t send a boy to do a man’s job and you shouldn’t send pneumatic tires into an area where solid skid steer tires are called for. Choose this Bobcat 36×14-20 OTR tire and rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Please call (855) 997-1816 to inquire

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