Bobcat 33×12-20 OTR Tires

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Product description

What good is your heavy equipment if it spends all day on the sidelines due to a blown tire? Not much is the short answer. Instead of watching your margins evaporate while your crew sits idle replace your 12-16.5 pneumatic tires with this reliable, heavy duty Bobcat 33×12-20 OTR tire. The 33×12-20 solid skid steer tire is designed to keep you up and running regardless of terrain or changing weather conditions. If you’re moving into a demolition site with tons of sharp debris these 33×12-20 OTR tires will boldly go where no pneumatic tire could or would. The Bobcat 33×12-20 OTR tire is designed with performance in mind. It’s dependable, no-nonsense replacement kit that will ensure you’re never again undermined by blown tires.

Featuring easy installation and total slip free performance the 33×12-20 are the OTR tires you’ve been waiting for. Your Bobcat loader will be back on the job in a hurry and stay there this time due to the all-weather dependability and impressive load capacity of these OTR skid steer tires. Don’t gamble with your company’s bottom line. Make sure to replace iffy 12-16.5 pneumatic tires with these Bobcat OTR tires and take a load off your mind for a change.

Please call (855) 997-1816 to inquire

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