Required Tools Needed to Replace Mini Excavator Tracks

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Heavy duty mechanic holding am open-ended wrench while pointing at a mini excavator behind him

Mini excavators are small digging machines that can perform tasks in tight spaces and small worksites where a larger excavator cannot go. These excavators can be used to dig trenches, carry materials and load materials into trucks.

Excavators may come with either tires or tracks. Tires are normally used on concrete and asphalt surfaces. For surfaces with uneven or poor ground conditions, such as sand, mud or snow, rubber or steel tracks are used. Many operators or business owners opt for rubber tracks because they are economical, allow the machine to operate quieter, and allow the machine to maneuver faster over surfaces.

Replacing Rubber Tracks: Tools

Keith sitting next to the mini excavator holding up an open-ended wrench

Different heavy machines will require specific tools when replacing the rubber tracks. Keep in mind that both tracks on either side of the mini excavator should be replaced at the same time. Only replacing one track on one side will cause uneven wear, as you will end up spending additional money to replace the new track sooner.


Tools that you will need:

  • 19 mm open-end wrench
  • chisel bar
  • any type of grease gun (electric, manual, pneumatic)

Replacing Rubber Tracks: Safety

Using a chisel bar, the excavator operator is walking the track forward while Keith remove the track from the sprocket and idler

Having an operator in the machine can help with removing the track. They can walk the track forward as you use the chisel bar to remove the track from the sprocket and idler.

Use a pry bar to walk the track off.

However, before changing the track, ensure that the operator has lifted the safety lever up. If the lever is accidentally bumped, the person changing the track could be seriously injured or killed when working on the tracks.

Change Mini Excavator Tracks

Benefits of Learning How to Change Your Rubber Tracks

Learning how to change the track yourself can help keep your machines in working order and allow workers to make the necessary repairs quickly during the day to prevent long, unnecessary downtime.

Heavy duty mechanic using a pry bar to pop a rubber track off a mini excavator

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