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How You Can Easily Replace an Excavator’s Fuel Filter – Save $$ With DIY Maintenance

  • Written by Luis
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Fuel filters on excavators are designed to catch any contaminants that may be present in the fuel to prevent them from getting into the engine. In time, the fuel filter needs to be changed. Use the following maintenance steps to change the fuel filter on a John Deere 35G.

How to replace the fuel filter on a John Deere 35G

Step 1: Remove the Old Filter

The fuel filter is located on the left side of the engine bay. You can use any type of pliers to loosen the engine filter, such as water pump pliers, strap wrench pliers or a special pair of pliers specifically used for filters. Turn the fuel filter to unthread it. Have a catch canister in place to catch any fuel that may leak when removing the filter.

Step 2: Check New Fuel Filter

Double-check the new filter to the old filter that was just removed from the excavator. You want to make sure the new filter is the same length and diameter. Also, check to make sure the seal is the same diameter as the old filter as well as check the threads to ensure the new filter can be installed properly. You want to do this for both aftermarket and OEM filters.

Step 3: Install the New Filter

Many people fill the fuel filter with fuel before installing it. If installing the fuel filter onto an excavator with an electric fuel pump, the machine will prime itself without having to place fuel into the filter when you turn the key to ON and then fire the machine up. Thread the new filter on tight using your hand. Don’t thread it on using a tool as you may screw it on too tight and damage the threads.

Step 4: Turn on the Key

Turn the key on to allow the excavator to prime itself and push fuel through the system. Give the excavator a few seconds to do this task and push the air out of the system. Then fire the machine up. If the excavator sputters or dies out, keep the key on to continue pushing fuel through the system and filling up the fuel filter. Fire the engine up again until it runs.

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