Mechanic’s Guide: How You Can Change Out Old Air Filters on an Excavator

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Changing the air filters on a John Deere 35G excavator ensures that the engine runs optimally. Leaving a dirty filter in the heavy equipment may cause the machine to malfunction as the air filters can fail and allow dirt to be sucked into the engine. Here is a straightforward guide on how to change the air filters on the excavator.

Swapping Air Filter's on a John Deere Mini Excavator

Step 1: Open Engine Bay

The engine bay on the John Deere 35G is located at the back of the machine along the cab. Open the hood as you will see the air canister on the top right side. there will be two filters inside the air canister.

Step 2: Remove Old Air Filters

Undo the clips on the canister cap and pull it off. You should now see the outer filter. The second filter is inside the outer filter. Remove the outer filter by giving it a wiggle and pulling it down. Now you can access the second filter attached to the machine as you can just wiggle them one out as well.

Step 3: Check New Filter Sizes

Whether you are installing OEM or aftermarket filters, it is best practice to compare the new filters to the old filters just to make sure the replacements match in length, diameter and sealing surfaces. If the air filter is the wrong size, it could cause significant and severe engine damage.

Step 4: Install New Filters

Install the new filter by placing the smaller inner filter into the hold inside the canister and giving it a push so that it snaps into place. Then take the larger air filter and do the same by pushing it up into the air filter canister.

Step 5: Clean Dust and Replace Cap

If there is dust inside the housing or the cap, clean it with a cloth. You want to do this with the air filters in place so that dust is not pushed inside the engine. Place the cap back onto the air filter canister with the air valve facing down. Snap the canister cap clips into place. Close the hood.

You have officially replaced the air filters on a John Deere 35G excavator. Learn more about how to maintain your excavator and other equipment by visiting our blog.

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