John Deere 650K Dozer Fuel Filter Replacement – A Step By Step Guide

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A clogged and dirty fuel filter will prevent fuel from reaching the engine which could result in engine problems. Over time, this makes the vehicle overwork itself and not crank out properly. That’s why you need to regularly change the fuel filter. 

Changing a fuel filter on a John Deere 650K Dozer is pretty straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’re done. 

Here are the steps to changing a fuel filter in a 650K Dozer.

How to change a FUEL FILTER on a John Deere 650K Dozer

Step 1: Locate Air Filter

The fuel filter is located on the rear right side door. There are two filters; the fuel-water separator (which is what you’ll see first) and the second is the fuel filter (right behind the first one).

Step 2: Close The Valve And Unplug The Sensor

Close the ball valve on the fuel water filter. Because the fuel tank on these machines is designed to be a little higher than the fuel filter, closing the ball valve will prevent fuel from coming into the filter from the tank. Otherwise, it might make a mess when changing your fuel filter.

Once that’s closed, remove the small water separator drainage hose pipe at the bottom of the filter casing, then place a drain pan. 

There’s a sensor plug right at the bottom of the fuel water bowl that you’ll also need to remove. It is fastened with a strap that is a little tight so you may need to cut off the tight strap to make it easy to access the plug. Pull the red safety lever all the way down, then push the red safety release and gently pull out the sensor plug.

Step 3: Remove The Fuel Water Bowl

With the sensor out of the way, you are left with the fuel filter and fuel water bowl. Remove the fuel water bowl, drain on the drain pan, and put it aside.

Step 4: Remove The Fuel Filter

Gently twist the fuel filter by hand or use a pair of pliers if you feel it’s too tight. Once that’s out, do the same to the second filter.

Step 5: Replace The Fuel Filter

Before replacing the new filter, you need to first lubricate the rings to make the replacement easier. Take a jerrican of diesel, splash a little bit of the diesel on the rings and, using your finger, wipe the diesel all over the rings and seal so they’re well lubricated. 

Replace the fuel filter by twisting it by hand and finish off by tightening using a pair of pliers so that it’s completely fitted. There should be no gaps left.

Because there is no electronic fuel pump, there’s no need to prefill the fuel filter. You can do that once it’s fixed. Simply start the machine and cycle the key on and off a couple of times. 

Step 6: Replace The Water Fuel Separator

Replace the water fuel separator the same way you did the fuel filter- lubricate the seal and rings then thread it back on.

Step 7: Replace The Water Fuel Bowl

You may need to clean the water fuel bowl before replacing it, most likely it’s going to be dirty. You can use a brake clean or any other type of cleaner for that. Once all the grime is out and you’ve wiped it dry, use a pick or screwdriver to replace the seal. The new filter should come with a seal.

Splash a little diesel to lubricate the new seal, and thread it back on to the bottom of the new water fuel filter. Plug in the sensor and push the red safety back up so that it doesn’t come loose. Remove the drain pan and drain it off then put back the rubber drain hose.

Step 8: Open The Valve

Lastly, open the valve to allow fuel to drain from the tank to the fuel filter and all the way to the engine.

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