Want Practical Advice on Changing the Spin-on Fuel Filter for Your Ditch Witch SK755?

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HD mechanic next to a close up of the inside of a Ditch Witch with an arrow pointing to the spin-on fuel filter

When it comes to performing maintenance of a Ditch Witch SK755, you also want to pay attention to the spin-on fuel filter. The spin-on fuel filter captures dirt and other particulates that may be present in the fuel so that cleaner fuel enters the engine. In time, the filter will need to be replaced. Here are some easy steps to changing this filter.

How to Change the Spin-On Fuel Filter on a Ditch Witch SK755

Step 1: Lift Hydraulic Arms

You will need to lift the hydraulic arms out of the way to open the hatch to the Ditch Witch SK755. Once the arms are lifted, place the safety mechanisms in to prevent the arms from accidentally falling when you are working on the machine.

Arrows indicate what fully engaged safety stops should look like on a mini skid steer

Step 2: Run a Cold Machine

If the machine has not been run that day, or there are cold temperatures outside, have the machine run for 15-20 minutes.

A Ditch Witch SK755 being turned on by a heavy mechanic

Step 3: Lift the Hood

After you run the machine for some time, turn it off and lift the hood. Make sure to engage the safety latch so the hood cannot fall onto your arms while removing the old spin-on filter.

HD mechanic opens up the hood on a Ditch Witch mini skid steer

Step 4: Gather Your Tools

You will need some tools to crack off the filter and catch the fuel that comes from the fuel line. To loosen the filter, you can use a strap wrench of filter pliers. If using a strap wrench, you will have to use a ratchet with an extension to reach the spin-on filter. You can also use channel lock pliers to take off the filter. Make sure to have a drain pan and absorbent pads under the vehicle to catch the fuel.

Heavy duty mechanic preparing tools

Step 5: Prepare the New Filter

Take the packaging off the new filter and fill it up with clean diesel fuel. Lubricate the seals on the top by rubbing some of the clean fuel over it.

Heavy mechanic holding a spin-on fuel filter

Step 6: Remove the Old Filter

Crack off the spin-on filter using the strap wrench, filter pliers or channel lock pliers. Once the spin-on filter is loose, spin it off by hand. Place the new filter on quickly after removing the old filter. Screw in the new filter by hand so you do not over-tighten it.

You have just changed the spin-on filter for a Ditch Witch SK755. Close the hatch and remove the safety mechanisms so you can lower the hydraulic arms back to the ground.

Pulling the old spin-on fuel filter out of a Ditch Witch mini skid steer

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