Fix Hydraulic Excavator Tracks in Under 2 Minutes With our handy guide

  • Written by Luis
Heavy equipment technician sitting next to a raised mini excavator

Adjusting the track tension ensures that the hydraulic excavator moves in the right manner without throwing off a track or damaging it and the undercarriage. When adjusting the track, most excavators can use the same following method even when they are different brands. Check out our following tips on how to quickly adjust the track on your excavator machine.

He Adjusts Hydraulic Excavator Tracks in Minutes
Step 1: Lift the Track
Demonstrating how to lift an excavator up to be able to access the track

Fire up the machine and place the bucket attachment against the ground, on the side where you will be adjusting the track. Push the bucket down until the machine lifts into the air.

Step 2: Check Track Tension

With the track in the air, run it backwards for several minutes until the slack is on the bottom of the track. Then you will be able to evaluate how loose the track is and whether the track tension needs to be adjusted. When the track is hanging below the rollers, you want a gap that is as wide as your hand between the top track rail and the bottom roller. Turn off the machine after running the track backwards.

Heavy duty mechanic shows how to check track tension on mini excavator
Step 3: Tighten Track

Locate the grease fitting that is in a hole on the side of the track equipment. When you place grease into the fitting, the front idler starts to push out. As the front idler moves, the track becomes tighter along the rollers. Place the end of the grease gun on the fitting and pump the grease into the machine. You should visibly see the idler move as the track begins to lift closer to the bottom rollers.

Arrow points to the location of the grease fitting on an excavator
Step 4: Lower the Excavator

Once the grease is pumped into the excavator, check the track tension again. If the track is adjusted to the right tension, lower the machine carefully using the bucket. Then put the machine back into operation.

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