How To Change the Engine Air Filter On A John Deere 650k Dozer

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To keep your John Deere 650k Dozer running optimally, you want to regularly change the air filters. The air filters do a heavy job of filtering out impurities and particles that would otherwise affect the normal operation of your machine’s engine. And considering that it only takes a small amount of dust and dirt to ruin an engine, you want to do replacements every so often.

This guide will teach you how to locate and replace the air filters in the engine of a John Deere 650K dozer.

John Deere 650K Dozer - How To Change Engine Air Filter - NO TOOLS NEEDED

Step 1: Open The Lid And Locate The Air Filters

The John Deere 650K Dozer has two air filters- an inner air filter, also commonly referred to as a safety filter, and an outer air filter. Both are located behind the little access panel at the side of the machine. The inner air filter is narrower and is fitted inside the outer air filter. 

To access the filters, you will first have to lift up the lid of the panel. Inside, you will see a cap cover whose primary role is to protect and secure the air filters. The cap cover is locked by a little tab that’s on the side. Lift the tab up using your finger to unlock the cover, then turn it counterclockwise. 

Give it a little wiggle to loosen and keep turning in a counterclockwise motion until it comes off.

HD mechanic removing the air filter cover

Step 2: Clean Up The Dust

The cap will most likely be full of dust, so first, shake it off to remove any loose particles and wipe it out with a dry cloth. Otherwise, the dust will just end up getting into the new air filters. On the side of the cap, there is a little dust valve that catches larger pieces of debris and dirt. Open it up and shake it off as well to make sure there’s no debris in it.

Step 3: Remove The Air Filters

Removing the air filters is super easy, just wiggle the outer air filter out a bit and pull it out. It should slide off easily. 

Give the canister a good wipe to clean off the dust while the inner filter is still in place. This way it will catch any dust or dirt. You can then proceed to wiggle out the inner filter and then pull it out.

HD mechanic pulling out the dusty air filter

Step 4: Replace The Air Filters

With the canister all clean, it’s time to replace the inner filter. Push the new filter into the air filter housing and give it a wiggle and a push to make sure it’s seated all the way in. Do the same to the outer air filter, making sure it’s also placed all the way in.

HD mechanic inserting the new air filter

Step 5: Close The Housing

Lastly, put the cap back onto the housing. To do this correctly, start it on an angle and turn it to the right until you hear a click. That’s your confirmation that the tab is down and locked in place. Close the lid of the panel.

And that’s how you change the air filters on a john deere 650k.

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