Q & A: What to Expect in Heavy Duty Apprenticeships

  • Written by Luis
HD Mechanic looking at the camera and answering questions

Many people look to get started as heavy-duty mechanics. Starting in this industry allows you to perform repairs and service the heavy equipment to keep it working at productive levels. Here are some questions that students have asked about what they will find when getting into a heavy-duty apprenticeship.

HD mechanic explaining how to get started in HD mechanics
How Do I Get Started in the Trade?

You could work under a friend or family member who has worked in the trade. You may also work in the farming industry by working on agricultural equipment. If you are not technically savvy, you can attend a school as there are numerous heavy-duty mechanic programs in Canada. Through a school, you learn technical and hands-on skills. You can also learn these skills by working at a regular vehicle mechanic garage. These skills can transfer over to the heavy-duty mechanic trade.

Is There a Specific Machine I Should Start On?

No. Any machine that is available is the perfect one to start on.

Don’t forget, you don’t necessarily have to be the one fixing the machine. You also have the option to be a heavy equipment operator and get in the driver’s seat of these machines.

HD mechanic comparing auto mechanics to HD mechanics
Should I Pursue Heavy Duty Mechanics or Auto Mechanics?

If you want to get into the heavy-duty equipment trade, choose the heavy-duty mechanic’s program. It opens up more domestic and international opportunities to work in an industrial area in places around the world. You will also learn that quality in your work is more important than speed as there are fewer set deadlines. If you select an auto mechanics program, you will have deadlines as the car shop or dealership wants as much car service as possible to be completed in one day.

HD mechanic giving advice to people who are getting started in the trade
Do You Have Any Advice for Those Looking to Get Started in the Industry?

If you decided to embark on a heavy-duty apprenticeship, you’re going to need to have your own tools. So make sure to budget appropriately.

Pursue what you love to do and be passionate about it. When you dedicate yourself to it fully, it will become a rewarding career and a way of life.

HD mechanic is answering the question about job security
How is the Job Security in Heavy Duty Mechanics?

If you love what you do, you will always have work available. You will never find yourself unemployed.

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